If the aim is to be woke, Jane was fast asleep: fulfilling all the roles society expected with perfectionistic vigor. Then her daughter developed an autoimmune response that scrambled the thoughts in her brain. Jane realized her own thoughts about reality were also optional. And that dragons aren’t so scary after all.

Author Jane Garland brings you along to meet her dragons, question her stories and find unicorns in this irreverent and funny memoir. There’s even a frog, but he’s no prince!

Once Jane’s dragons were tamed, she embarked on a quest to change lives and heal our environment. She wants you to join her as her trusted companion. Find out more about Lady Garland Tames Her Dragons and Brings Peace to the Kingdom, read her thoughts on current events, and connect on social media.

A green frog in green water. With the caption "Don't trust anything that frog says though. He's an idiot.

News, Musings, and Announcements

Holiday in Tulum: Hipster Edition

When I announced to my college students that I was going to Tulum for fall break, I followed up with “It’s the Williamsburg of Mexico” to provide further context. One…

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On Money and Happiness

Is it grotesque to want to make mountains of money? I’m a female, so generally, I’ve been socialized to respond: Ew, gross. Wanting and talking about money is yuck. What’s…

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The Perfect Holiday Party

I intend to throw the perfect holiday party. I can position it somewhere ambiguously close to both Hanukkah and Christmas. Idk why Diwali was near Halloween this year? I’m confused…

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